Category List

The Category List Block displays the blog’s categories and the number of posts that fall into each category.

Once you have selected the Block, you will get two options: Settings and Advanced. These tabs are to make changes to your block design. Let’s explore one by one below:

Block Settings #

The settings section mainly consists of four options as listed below:

General #

It consists of the settings related to the Category Count. You can choose the number of categories displayed on the page/post according to the site requirement.

Block Advanced #

The Advanced section consists of two customization options for the Block.

Advanced #

Inside the Advanced > Block Margin section, you will have the option to add the Block Margin values to all four sides of the block.

According to the site requirement, you can assign a specific margin value to the block along with units like px, em, %, and rem. Moreover, you can set the value of the different margins for various devices (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile)



It allows you to add a CSS class to your block, letting you write custom CSS to style this particular block.

For example, if you want to change the category title color of the Category List Block, you can add a class such as category-title to the Additional CSS Class field. After that, visit your CSS editor and write a style for the class as below:

Upon adding the code, it will make the changes only to this particular block and not other blocks.

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