Getting Started with Magazine Blocks

Magazine Blocks is a WordPress plugin designed to build out the WordPress site using blocks. It helps you design the posts or page content using the Blocks.

In a simple manner, you can create all types of content using the Magazine Blocks plugin which does not require other third-party page builder plugins.

Installing Magazine Blocks #

Hosted on, the process of installing the plugin is the same as any other WordPress plugin.

  • From your WordPress Dashboard Menu, go to Appearance > Plugins > Add New.
  • In the search field on the top right, type Magazine Blocks.
  • From the search result, click Install Now button next to the plugin from the Magazine Blocks author.
  • Once installed, click on the Activate button to activate the plugin on your site.

Add Blocks to Post or Page #

In order to add the new block to your post/page, click the (+) icon from the top of the page/post editor. Once done, you see a list of Magazine Block available. Select the block you want to use and click on the specific block to add to the editor.

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Once selected, you can edit the block from the block customization option available on the right hand of the post/page editor. It generally consists of Settings and Advanced settings available under which you can customization the block.

Adding Blocks in Page/Post
Adding Blocks in Page/Post

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