How to Fix Undefined: JSON Parse Error?

You might have received the error undefined : JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data on the BlockArt Library section instead of the section, templates and starter packs.

Moreover, with the latest version of the BlockArt if there are any kind of issues with the BlockArt library then more detailed error message will be generated.

If you see such errors message, it’s probably that your site could not connect to BlockArt site where the demo data is stored.

Well, you can also evaluate the cause of the errors appearing. If the errors message has mentioned blocked due to security reasons or something similar, you can work on the two suggestions below:

Plugin Deactivate #

Make sure to deactivate the third-party plugins of the WordPress site especially if you have the security plugins installed on. Sometimes the issues might occur from the plugin conflicts and deactivating it might help fix the issue.

Contact Hosting Server #

The hosting provider might have blocked the access to the BlockArt site where the demo data are stored. Contact the hosting service provider and request them to unblock the BlockArt site.

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