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Location: Appearance → Customize → Global → Sidebar

The sidebar is the vertical column representing additional information, navigations, ads, etc., displayed on the website page’s left or right side. You can either place the sidebar on the left, right, or both or not display it.

MagazineX allows changing the Sidebar layout on various pages. It means you can place the sidebar on different areas for different pages. For example – You can set the Archive page to have a left sidebar, the Single post page to have a right sidebar, and so on.

Sidebar Layout #

On the Sidebar Layout section, there are the following options:

  • Default: Applies to Archive, Blog, Search Result Page, 404 Page, etc.
  • Archive: Applies to blog pages.
  • Page: Applies to normal pages.
  • Single Post: Applies to the single post page.

There are currently five types of Sidebar layouts:

  • Right Sidebar: Shows the Right Sidebar Widgets added via Appearance Customize → Widgets Right Sidebar.
Right Sidebar Layout
Right Sidebar Layout
  • Full Width: No sidebar layout expanding full container width area.
Full Width Layout
Full-Width Layout

Left Sidebar: Shows the Left Sidebar Widgets added via Appearance Customize → Widgets Left Sidebar. (Available in Pro)

Left Sidebar Layout
Left Sidebar Layout

Both Sidebars: Shows the sidebar on both areas, i.e., Left and Right, that can be added via Appearance Customize → Widgets Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar. (Available in Pro)

Both Sidebar Layout
Both Sidebar Layout

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