How to Edit Imported Demo Site

Well, coming up here, you might have successfully imported the MagazineX theme demo to your WordPress website. You might wonder how to edit or replace the Demo Content, Images, Header, Footer, and more with your own.

Most settings can be achieved via the Customizer option available within the theme. To get the customizer, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize. You will be redirected to the customizer interface, where you will get the site preview on the right side and the customizer menu on the left. You can choose the different options available on the customizer menu for customizing your site.

MagazineX Site with Customizer Option
MagazineX Site with Customizer Option

Go through the following links to see how each section is customized, as well as the options provided by this theme in detail:

  • Global – It contains the necessary settings, such as Colors, Site layout options for the MagazineX site.
  • Header – All the settings related to the header section, such as Site Logo, Header Top Bar, Primary Header, Primary Menu, Drawer Menu, etc., are available in the Header section.
  • Content – It includes all the settings related to the Blog and Single Post Page.
  • Footer – All the settings related to the footer section, such as the Footer Widget style Footer Bottom Bar are available in the Footer section.
  • Widgets – It includes all the settings of the widgets area that are added to the MagazineX site.

Editing the Home Page of MagazineX Demo #

After importing the demo, it is necessary to change the existing content and replace it with a new one. Once you have imported the MagazineX demo, all the contents and images get imported to your site.

MagazineX demo is designed using the Magazine Blocks Plugins. Each block has different functionality. For more information related to the Magazine Blocks, you can follow the guide here: Magazine Blocks.

Let’s get started by editing the Header Bar of the homepage of the MagaxineX Theme.

Header Bar #

Header Bar Section
Header Bar Section

The Header Bar of the MagazineX theme contains the Date & WeatherBreaking News, and Menus by default. You can change the option upon your site needs.

Since the header bar content is already added by default, you can either remove or edit those. For this, navigate to WordPress DashboardAppearance > Customize > Widgets. You will find the first three options, i.e., Header Bar Column 1, Header Bar Column 2, and Header Bar Column 3. These 3 column contains the Date & Weather, Breaking News, and Menus, respectively.

Now, if you want to customize the header bar content, you can navigate to the Header Bar Column widgets area and add or remove them.

For example: If you want to remove the Date & Weather from the header bar, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Header Bar Column 1. You will find the Date & Weather block, which you can remove.

Customize Header Bar
Customize Header Bar

Primary Header #

Primary Header Section
Primary Header Section

The Primary Header section of the MagazineX comes with Site-Logo (left) and Advertisement (Right). For customizing the Site Logo navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header > Site Identity and upload the logo of your choice.

Customize Site Logo
Customize Site Logo

Similarly, the Ads appearing on the right side is added by the Advertisement Block from the Magazine Block. So to customize it, navigate to WordPress DashboardAppearance > Customize > Widgets > Header Sidebar. You can either remove or replace the block with others according to the site requirements.

Customize Header Sidebar
Customize Header Sidebar

Primary Menu #

The primary menu section in MagazineX appears just below the primary header section. You can customize the primary menu from WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu.

Primary Menu Customization
Primary Menu Customization

On the left, you will find an icon similar to the hamburger menu, which is known as a Drawer Menu. It contains the Site Logo, Menus, Posts, and Social Icons. To change or remove the content, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets >Drawer Sidebar.

On the Drawer Sidebar section, you can change or replace the existing content with yours.

Drawer Sidebar Customization
Drawer Sidebar Customization

Content #

All the content below the Primary Header and above the Footer is the content section of the MagazineX site. The content section of MagazineX is designed using the Blocks available from the Magazine Blocks Plugin.

However, if you are on the backend, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Home. On hovering, click on the edit option, redirecting you to the space where you can customize the content.

Once done, click on the section you want to customize/edit, which will display the settings option on the right sidebar. From the option available, you can change the text, images, color, typography, and a lot more.

For more clarification, you can check the video below:

Customize Content Area
Customize Content Area

Note: By following the above explanation, you can change/edit all the other sections according to your site requirements.

Adding Blocks #

Magazine Blocks have various blocks available, but in the demo, we only use a few blocks. However, you don’t need to use the same blocks in the demos. Blocks can be removed or replaced according to the site requirements.

You can use the blocks available within WordPress or provided by the Magazine Blocks plugin. These blocks can be inserted easily on your site.

To add the new block to your post/page, click the (+) icon from the top of the page/post editor. Once done, you will see a list of Magazine Blocks available. Select the block you want to use and click on the specific block to add to the editor.

Once selected, you can edit the block from the block customization option available on the right hand of the post/page editor. It generally consists of Settings and Advanced settings available to customize the block.

Add New Blocks on Homepage
Add New Blocks on the Homepage

Footer #

The Footer is the section of content at the very bottom of the site. MagazineX demo contains the Footer contains displayed in the column layout, as shown in the image below:

To edit the content, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets. Below you’ll find four sections for the Footer, i.e., Footer Column (1,2,3,4). Select the specific Footer Column you want to make the changes by editing the existing content and adding yours.

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