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The Header Top Bar is an essential area of your site where you can showcase important information such as Date, Breaking News, Menus, Login/Register, etc. MagazineX theme allows you to enable the Top Bar and add that information. It comes with the following options:

General #

Enable: It allows you to enable or disable the Header Bar per your site requirement.

Enable Header Bar
Enable Header Bar

Setup Header Bar widgets: After enabling the Header Bar, click “Click here to edit Header Widget features” or go to Widgets settings. There are three widget locations for Header Bar, i.e., Header Bar Column 1, Header Bar Column 2, and Header Bar Column 3. In this respective area, you can add the widgets of your choice and publish the changes.

Layout: It sets the number of header columns you want to display on the top bar. You can select the top header column with three columns with Left, Right, and Center Alignment. (Available in Pro)

Background: This allows you to add either a Background Color or an Image to the top header of your site.

Change Header Background
Change Header Background

Border Bottom Size: MagazineX theme supports displaying the border at the Bottom of the Top Bar area. This helps site visitors visualize where the top bar ends and the header area gets started. You can enter a number straight into the field or use the slider to change the border size in pixels. (Available in Pro)

Border Bottom Color: It sets the Color for the bottom border of the top bar. (Available in Pro)

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