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Single Post is a page that displays the full content of a post along with the Images, Videos, and Other Media. MagazineX allows customizing the site’s single post page with the following options:

Post Elements #

Post Elements refer to the various components that make up the Single Posts. You can enable/disable the post elements by clicking the eye icon under Post Elements. Currenlty with the MagazineX theme, you’ll get the following post elements: (Available in Pro)

  • Featured Image
  • Header Meta
  • Title
  • Meta
  • Content
  • Author Bio
Customize Post Elements
Customize Post Elements

Header Meta #

Header Meta is the element that is included in the header section of the Single post. With the MagazineX theme, you can add/remove the following header meta: (Available in Pro)

  • Category
  • Comment
Customize Header Meta
Customize Header Meta

Meta #

The theme provides the meta tag to be displayed on the post area. You can add/remove the following meta tags: (Available in Pro)

  • Author
  • Date
Customize Meta
Customize Meta

Related Posts #

Related Posts on the site display the other posts that are related to the current post. It is displayed at the end of the current post. The theme displays the related post with the following customization option:

Enable #

Switch the Toggle to the right area to enable the Related Posts on your site. Enabling the option will display the related post on the single post page.

Enable Related Post
Enable Related Post

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