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Before discussing the available templates in the MagazineX Theme, let’s briefly describe a page template and how you can use it on your site!

Page template is a pre-design page layout that contains the design necessary for various pages of your sites such as Homepage, Blog, Contact us, etc. A theme has more than one template to choose from. Templates differ in various options such as header, footer, sidebar, page/post title, etc. You can choose the templates according to your page requirement.

For Example: If you want your specific page to have no sidebars, then you can choose templates that don’t display the sidebars.

Talking about the MagazineX theme, it comes with 2 page templates as listed below:

Default Template #

Default Template is a regular page template of your theme with standard theme settings. With the Default Template, the Right Sidebar that you specify in Customize > Global > Layout > Sidebar Layout is displayed.

Moreover, the Page Header area (Title and Breadcrumb) is also shown. Below is a screenshot of the page with the default template of the MagazineX theme.

Default Template
Default Template

Sidebar Affecting the Default Page Template #

As mentioned earlier, the default template displays the sidebar on the pages. Currently, the MagazineX theme only allows adding content on the right sidebar of the different pages, such as Archive, Page, and Single Post.

Once you have designed the page of your site, it looks great when previewed on your end without the sidebar. However, if you have selected the default template, it will display the sidebar on your end, which might affect the content width. Your site content doesn’t take the entire width and might look somewhat narrow.

Default Template with Right Sidebar
Default Template with Right Sidebar

In this case, if you are displaying the sidebar, make sure you design the page so that the content looks fine even after adding the sidebar, or you can use the Gutenberg/Page Builder Templates.

Note: If you want to use the default template but do not want to display the sidebar, you can select the no-sidebar option from the available customization here: Customize > Global > Layout > Sidebar Layout. For example: If you want to remove the sidebar on the contact us page, you can select the no-sidebar option from the Pages option. But this will make the changes on other normal pages too.

Gutenberg/Page Builder Templates #

The Gutenberg/Page Builder Templates is a way similar to that the default templates. No header and footer are removed. But the Page Header area that displays the Title and the Breadcrumbs is not displayed.

Moreover, it does not let you display the sidebar on the pages. So this template is suitable for the one who is not willing to display the sidebar on their end along with Page Header. Below is a screenshot of the page with the Gutenberg/Page Builder Templates of the MagazineX theme.

Gutenberg Page Builder Template
Gutenberg Page Builder Template

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