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The scroll To Top feature allows users to navigate back to the top of the website without having to scroll manually. It is located at the bottom of the page, and when it is clicked, it automatically scrolls the page to the top. MagazineX theme provides the following option for customizing the Scroll To Top feature:

General #

It included some basic options for customizing the Scroll To Top listed below:

Enable #

Under Scroll To Top, click the Enable switch to enable the scroll to top button. You’ll find the button at the right-bottom area of your site.

Moreover, after enabling the Scroll To Top button, it allows you to customize more details of the button listed below: (Available in Pro)

  • Width: It determines the width area, i.e., the space taken by the Scroll to the top button
  • Height: It determines the overall height of the Scroll to the top button.
  • Roundness: It allows the Scroll-to top button corners to be rounded.
  • Background: It changes the background color of the Scroll to the top button.
Scroll To Top Customization
Scroll To Top Customization

Icon #

The Icon in the Scroll-to-Top button refers to the pointed vertical arrow inside the button area. You can customize the Icon using the option listed below:

Color #

It changes the arrow Color available inside the scroll-top-top button.

Change Scroll To Top Icon
Change Scroll To Top Icon

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