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How to Fix Missing BlockArt Templates?

While navigating to the BlockArt Library Section to import the templates you might have received the message There is a connection issue with This connection is required for importing templates and sections. Please contact your hosting provider to whitelist our server address instead of the section, templates, and starter packs.

If you see such a message, it’s probably that your site could not connect to the BlockArt site where demo data is stored. In order to fix it, you can work on the two suggestions below:

Plugin Deactivate #

Make sure to deactivate the third-party plugins of the WordPress site, especially if you have the security plugins installed. Sometimes the issues might occur from the plugin conflicts, and deactivating it might help fix the issue.

Contact Hosting Server #

The hosting provider might have blocked access to the BlockArt site where the BlockArt library data are stored. Contact the hosting service provider and request them to whitelist or allow traffic to url matching our server address

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